We are expert window fitters and specialise in helping you find the ideal windows to suit your property. From modern newbuilds to period homes, we can install the perfect windows to complement the aesthetics and improve your lifestyle.

uPVC windows can suit many different homes. From traditional to modern, your windows will come in a range of colours, shapes and styles to suit your property. uPVC is a strong and resilient material that will stand the test of time and provide excellent performance, making it the most commonly used material for window frames in the UK.
What is uPVC?


A casement window is a hinged window that opens outwards and is fitted into a frame. There may be one window per frame, or there may be multiple windows sat within the same frame, meaning there are various options for window configuration. A casement window opens outwards using a friction stay hinge and fits snugly into the frame to keep out draughts.

Our windows exceed British Standard regulations, using galvanised steel for additional strength and security.


A sash window is a movable panel, or multiple movable panels, that are hung within a frame. These movable parts are called the sash, and they also contain the glazing for the window. The very first sash windows can be dated back to the 1670s and in terms of their appearance, they are fundamentally the same. Technology, however, has changed significantly, and if you still have the original sash windows in your property, you will benefit enormously from getting some new ones installed.

uPVC sash windows can be manufactured to have many different finishes. Choose a RAL colour or opt for a traditional woodgrain effect.

Collins Home Improvements are expert suppliers and installers of aluminium windows, working across the South East of England to bring our customers the benefits of modern window technology. Aluminium frames are a real investment and will last for years – when they are high quality and well fitted, they can even last a lifetime. With so many years of experience in the window fitting industry, we can install your windows and provide a truly professional service along the way.

If you would like to know more about aluminium windows and the services we can provide, please get in touch – call 07780600011 or email us via our contact page

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What is an aluminium window?

Aluminium windows consist of an aluminium frame and various glazing panels – there are many different configurations to choose from depending on your personal preferences. Aluminium windows can have a slimline construction, which minimises the frame and maximises the size of the glass pane.

AluK use sustainable aluminium to manufacture beautiful, long-lasting windows. They require little maintenance and are ideal for the modern homeowner.


Origin aluminium windows come with a unique construction that maximises natural light. You will benefit from long-lasting windows with a 20-year guarantee.

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Aluminium building systems engineered for performance
Designed for any application

INFINIUM / Catering for the high end residential market, Infinium offers architects and homeowners, with the ultimate slim slider, stunning slim sightlines that bathe every surface with natural light. Available only through our network of Infinium Select Partners.

Luminia / Available through our network of Select Partners our Luminia premium range of aluminium products offers extra standout design, extra performance without compromising on style.

Optio / Our Optio range of products offer stylish, high quality and practical aluminium windows and doors. Suited to offer, thin sightlines, PAS24 security as standard and aesthetic appeal.